Our History, Our Culture

Centogram has a rich history and a solid foundation in design and development for mobile devices.  We are classically trained, and yet we're agile when it comes to adapting to and even creating changes in technology and in how people use it.

We're curious—we're curious to see what emerges when classical training combines with advanced technology to solve problems. You can see curiosity played out in our lives away from work as well: We hike and camp and explore; we fish and fly airplanes and ride bicycles and build odd things. Solving problems energizes us; we do it not only because it challenges us but also because we take pride in creating solutions that save our clients time and money. Yes, we're methodical, but that doesn't mean we drag our feet. We're quick studies. And you benefit from it. 

We are a committed and engaged company just as we are committed and engaged individuals, and you can see this play out in our community involvement. Our team members are active in our respective neighborhoods, the Greater Cincinnati community, and our larger environments. We volunteer for a wide range of organizations and churches.  We practice improving our own health as well as the health of our world; we practice and promote the arts; we have fun.  We live in Cincinnati, we're staying here, and we want to do our part in making it good.

We tell you this so you'll understand the attitude infusing the work we do for you.