Centogram offers the complete range of Internet strategy and development services for your business.  To learn how we can make mobile applications and the web perform for you, just contact us.  We're eager to hear from you.  

Mobile-Application Development  

Appcelerator Certified Integration PartnerReact NativeWe design and implement consumer-friendly and intuitive mobile applications for your on-the-go users.  By utilizing React Native and the Appcelerator Mobile Platform, we're able to simultaneously build both iOS and Android versions of your app—which means we can get your business to two markets in the time other companies get you to one. In other words, Centogram gets you to market in half the time and at half the cost. Learn More


Drupal CommerceIf it's time for you to sell your products online, accept online donations, or open your own online auction house, we can make it happen. Centogram harnesses the power of Drupal, Ubercart, and Drupal Commerce—all of which allow us to rapidly prototype and deploy your store exactly the way you envision it. By using Drupal, we save your business resources; there's no need to reinvent what has become a fairly simple setup in today's web-development world. Call us, and you'll soon be open for business on the web. Read more

Content Management

WordpressDrupal LogoThe world of online publishing has shifted on its axis—and in a good way: You no longer require a specialist to maintain the content of your web application. You can now do it yourself. With ease. This shift spells "freedom" and "agility" for our clients. Every single Internet solution Centogram deploys is able to be managed by you from your web browser. This means you can edit any aspect of your site at any time and from anywhere in the world so long as you have access to the Internet. This freedom requires no extra software to install and no special technical skills. We can't stress enough how agile and responsive this makes your business. And the more responsive you are, the more profitable you can be.  Our content management frameworks also facilitate mobile web services, online collaboration, media galleries, intranet portals, and more. With ease. 

Hosting and Maintenance

Rackspace HostingEach visit your website receives is important because your site reflects you and your business. Your current clients and your potential customers will visit your website often. Centogram understands how crucial it is that your site be hosted on a fast and solid platform that won't let you down. We offer amazingly strong, reliable hosting platforms—they keep traffic on your site responsive and smooth and can be quickly scaled to handle increased volume without unnecessary downtime.