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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I hear Back from You?

Typically within the hour.  Rarely does it take us longer than a day to respond to new project inquiries.

Will we have access to the source code?

Absolutely.  You paid for it.  After we take receipt of final payment for a project we’ll share the code repositories with you to do with as you wish.  With that said it is our hope that we hope that you will continue to look to us to keep your applications updated as new needs arise and maintenance is needed.

What if my budget is less than $10k?

While we appreciate the interest we do not have the resources to service a new project that does not possess a budget of a least $10k.  There is a lot of foundational engineering that goes into even the smallest custom software project that is just not feasible for us to engage.

Do you offer service contracts?

Yes.  We do not have a boilerplate service contract, because all client engagements are different but we can draw one up for you very quickly.  Typically our approach to these is that we estimate a healthy app will require at least 10% of the initial development budget ongoing for new features and adjustments to accommodate the ever changing mobile landscape.

Are you ok signing an NDA?

Yes.  Not a problem. We do understand the importance of an NDA to protect your IP and we’d be happy to sign yours at the start.   However, even without one you can trust us that we will hold your IP confidential.  Honestly, we couldn’t stay in business if we didn’t.  Sometimes we get a followup, “Can you provide us an NDA template?”

Can you provide us an NDA template?

No,  we cannot offer a legal template and provide you an NDA, but we are happy to sign one at the start of an engagement or discovery process if that would make you more comfortable sharing the details of the project.  This is common.