An estimated 3.5 billion people in the world currently use a smartphone. This means any business worth its salt already has a mobile app or is working towards launching one soon. But many companies are confronted with the big question: “Which custom mobile app development company should they work with?”

Although a large number of big corporations have a design team in-house, smaller companies typically cannot bear the high cost and have to look for external design and development companies for creating apps.

As a company that is looking towards progress, you need to find the best option when it comes to mobile app development. So how do you choose?

Making the Right Platform Choice

The first thing you need to do before you look for a custom mobile app company is to find out which platform you need to build your mobile app on. The different types of apps include:

Native App: These apps are built for specific operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. using their languages and technology. These apps offer superior functionality and UX.

HTML 5 Web App: These are non-native apps that look like apps but run on mobile browsers. These apps can run on multiple platforms but do not offer as good a UX as native apps.

Hybrid/Cross-Platform App: These apps are built on HTML5 but are optimized to have native-like functionalities. They can be downloaded from the app stores just like native apps.

Once you have decided on what type of platform you require, we will move on to consider what makes a good app development company.

They Offer Advanced Capabilities

There are some app companies that depend on ready-made templates to churn out low-cost apps quickly. If you need a kind of app that is already there in the market in a simple, quick, and affordable way, such companies may not be a bad option. But if you require a custom mobile app, stay away from templates.

Companies that want unique enterprise-level apps typically want advanced features and functions. Hence, they should look for development companies that offer a higher level of work, plus an improved UI and design. They should also be able to create an app based on your ideas and audiences.

They Keep App Ideas Secure

One of the biggest threats to any company is when its original and innovative idea gets leaked to competitors. In the past years, poor-quality copycat apps hit the market just before the launch of an original app because the development company was not able to ensure the security of the app idea.

Hence, if you want to build your custom mobile app, you must make sure that the company you choose follows strict security standards, which ensure your app idea remains secret until your app successfully reaches the store. App development companies should agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to show their commitment to your app’s safety.

They Ensure Proper Delivery

Many companies have complained that their mobile app development company did not keep them updated on the progress of the app development. Others complain that the company that designed their app did so without following many of their requirements and came up with a product that was essentially useless to the client because of the communication gap between them.

To ensure that the app development cycle goes smoothly, the company needs to ensure that its clients are kept informed every step of the way. Providing regular updates also ensures that your work is finished on time.

They Have High Design Standards

Your company app needs a great design if it wants to be successful. That is why it is important that companies should place importance on app developers that have a lot of experience and skills.

Many app development companies let you download apps from their portfolios that they have worked on. You can use these apps to find out if the app works well or if the design makes sense. They should also find out if the designs are globally accepted.

They Have Immaculate QA Measures

Whenever a new app is being made, it is bound to have bugs and glitches in its prototype version. If the company does not resolve those and launches it, the interruptions in functioning can quickly make clients turn to other competitor apps. That is why, just a great design and development procedure is not enough.

App companies also need to ensure they perform quality testing measures to make sure the final app does not have any technical issues and can be launched on time.

They Have Good References and Reviews

If an app development company does a good job, its prior customers will be happy with it. You can reach out to the customers of the app and ask them what they liked about working with the company.

You can ask them questions like:

  • Did the company deliver the expected work?
  • Was it able to complete the app on time and budget?
  • Did they offer feedback that would have added value to your app?

By doing this, you can find out the benefits the app development company provides you as well as find out what things they lack in. Analyzing the quality of an app development company through references and past clients’ feedback is the best way to judge the company’s performance.

Bottom Line

With more and more companies looking to launch their custom apps, the competition between custom mobile app development teams can be fierce. If you find a company that promises to offer you a treasure trove of features at a surprisingly low price, it probably is too good to be true.

When it comes to technology, the cheapest option is almost never the right option; however, that doesn’t mean getting an app made from a quality company should cost you an arm and a leg.

Follow the above criteria to determine what your chosen custom mobile app development company can offer you. Then, take a leap of faith and work with the best company you find.