Our Work

Our clients and partners benefit from our team's diverse and complementary experiences. Collectively, we've developed networked applications or worked with digital media for 100s of years, which means our projects now boast an ever-enriching expanse of functionality. We've been around the block—we've launched hundreds of projects. And each of our clients profits from our previous work.

Cintas Lead Generation App

Allows employees to quickly capture data for potential business and send directly to the sales division responsibly from anywhere

Features Include

• iOS and Android cross platform native app
• Automatic location selection by using location data provided by FourSquare
• Photo capture and tagging directly on device
• Custom backend integration and syndication to Corporate data center
• Email notifications and status for tracking Leads

D2 Digital Dialogue Cincinnati - Conference App

The official companion app for the AAF Cincinnati, D2 Cincinnati, 2013 Digital Dialogue in Cincinnati Ohio on September 11th and 12th. This app allows you to view and build a schedule, watch live feed for latest news, review maps for breakout locations and official networking events.

Features Include
• Schedule - Browse the entire event list, filter by track and create a personal schedule
• Speakers - Review detailed participant bio, and social feeds for all speakers
• Map - Quickly find your way to breakout sessions and networking events
• Media Integration - Keep up on events news within the app

2012 Digital Non Conference App

Centogram and Mike Zitt Inc proudly present the official companion app for the AAF Cincinnati 2012 Digital Non Conference in Cincinnati Ohio on October 23 and 24th. This app will allow you to view and build a schedule, watch live feed for latest news, review maps for breakout locations and official networking events, and stay connect with in app speaker social media feeds. 

Features Include : 

  • Schedule - Browse the entire event list, filter by track and create a personal schedule 
  • Speakers - Review detailed participant bio, and social feeds for all speakers 
  • Map - Quickly find your way to breakout sessions and networking events 
  • Social Media Integration - Keep up on events news within the app

Cintas Now Mobile App

OVERVIEW : Cintas wanted a simple messaging platform on which to push Cintas press releases and related updates to their smartphone-using employees. Cintas currently utilizes Twitter as well as various other social-media platforms, so we designed this new medium to integrate those existing channels while also allowing for customized corporate messages currently nonexistent on other media platforms. 

CHALLENGES : In the timeframe of only a few weeks, this Cintas’ project required Centogram to build native apps for both Android and iPhone smartphone users. The new application should allow Cintas administrators to quickly perform three tasks: 1) select from among Cintas' various social messages; 2) syndicate those social messages directly to Cintas employees; and 3) create custom notifications intended only for Cintas app users. The customized app must poll for new messages pushed via services such as Twitter and then feed those directly into the Cintas-messaging stream. Once the administrator has scheduled any message for delivery, app users should immediately receive notification through Apple’s Push Notification Service or Google’s Cloud Messaging; unread messages should then appear as a badge number attached to the icon.

IMPLEMENTATION : The “look and feel” design was done by Mike Zitt Inc, but to implement Cintas’ solution, Centogram utilized three major technologies: Drupal, Parse, and Appcelerator.  

First, Centogram employed Drupal in order to feed content from various social mediums and to serve as the administrative portal allowing Cintas to manage all aspects of the application.  Then, via Parse, the backend feeds Cintas' content to the enterprise datacenter hosted on Amazon Web Services—a cloud solution that permits Cintas to instantly syndicate news, events, and press releases to its 30,000+ employees. 

Finally, Appcelerator enabled Centogram to use only a single development team and only a single codebase to build native applications usable on both iPhone and Android. By limiting the number of teams and the number of codebases, Centogram finished this project in half the time using half the resources. Ultimately, by utilizing Appcelerator, Centogram cut Cintas' costs in half.     

Timewarner.com : Careers and Job Search

Careers Overhaul : Because the animation on Time Warner Inc.’s very handsome Careers page was built using Flash technology, the many viewers who visited the site by way of iPhone or iPad couldn’t see it. Furthermore, Flash technology made the site cumbersome to update and republish. By utilizing javascript technology, Centogram recreated the animation sequence and the visual effects so that it loaded more quickly and became visible to those accessing the site via iPhone or iPad.  This work was made possible being supported both graphically and strategically by Mike Zitt, Inc.  Check it out at timewarner.com/careers

Job Search : Kenexa Integration : Based on Centogram’s successful Careers-page work, Time Warner once again turned to Centogram and MZI to streamline their Job Search page. Because Time Warner Inc employs people in locations the world over, they maintain a constant and extensive list of job postings. The search filter on the previous Job Search page had become challenging to configure and the results hard to digest. Centogram worked to develop a clean, simple interface which now allows talented potential employees to seek the jobs for which they’re most suited. It also allows Time Warner Inc to choose from a pool of talent based on dependable data.  Check it out at timewarner.com/careers/job-search

AtriCure.com Gets Reponsive

A visitor access the from 100s of different vantage points ranging from desktops to mobile phones each with very different resolution capabilities.  Your website must be able to respond to fit that viewpoint and for AtriCure.com does just that.    Centogram delivered a clean, intuitive, easily navigated site that correctly auto-sizes to fit any screen from which it’s visited. Not only does the auto-sizing look right, it also works correctly on every sized screen. And when the management team at AtriCure easily updates the site, the changes fit everywhere—one update deploys multiple ways.  For those diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, AtriCure provides professional surgical-device guidance via their informational site at atricure.com.

This site was built atop Drupal and provides up to the minute Investor Relations Information, Event Management/Registrations and many other advanced features.

Summerfair Cincinnati Content Management System

Summerfair Cincinnati is a highly visible, regional arts organization with a long-standing, high profile in Greater Cincinnati. Recently, Summerfair Cincinnati polished its brand, a process that included creating a new, interactive website. Centogram helped summerfair.org website function elegantly while also making it easy for those maintaining the site to keep it current. Now, because Centogram built the site using Drupal-based content management system, the site owners thrill at how conveniently they post timely news, calendar items, and upcoming events. Equally important to an arts organization, Summerfair Cincinnati can now add new images and create slideshows on their website. To keep the site dynamic and visually stimulating, Centogram linked Summerfair Cincinnati’s website to its Flickr photostream so that the wonderful images posted to Flickr now also post immediately on the web.


Herbal Essences Campaign

Centogram has a track record of successfully deploying fully branded YouTube channels.  Having recently launched Procter and Gamble's corporate YouTube presence in conjunction with Madson Design Group they looked again to Centogram for the implemntation of a fully-branded channel for the Herbal Essences Haircare product.  In the developmental stages, Centogram shared an understanding of the design parameters and then provided expertise which ensured that all of the design concepts remained feasible with the fully Google-compliant code. See the results on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/herbalessences .